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Surf City Cyclo-x

Chris Pilette, Photo by Steve Woo
Several Godspeed riders drove down to Santa Cruz on Sunday for the first of the Surf City series. The course was long, encompassing the entire Harbor High School campus including a loop around the track, one around the baseball field, and a large run up with several twisting sections through the campus buildings. Mike Gill finished 19th in the open A's while Chris Pilette took a solid 10th in the single speed category. Chris Stevens also finished a respectable 19th in the open B category.


Sunday rounded out the weekend of mud slinging with a wet and dirty race in Prunedale. This was the 5th in the CCCX series leaving three more chances to get some dirty on. Pictures can be seen on the NCNCA blog at : http://wordpress.ncncaracing.com/

Godspeed rider Jim Riley placed 9th in the open A's while Chris Stevens finished 12th in the B's.

Monkey Cross #1

In the true spirit of cross Saturday was wet, cold and muddy.The Doyle Park course was a short and fairly flat loop with lots of tight turns to navigate. The rain may have helped keep the mud from caking on the gears of our bikes, but it sure did make for a soupy mess. It was in my humble opinion, fantastic. The long line in the cold rain to wash ourselves and our bikes off was probably harder to bear than the race itself, but a necessity none-the-less. Mike Gil finished 4th in the A's while Chops, Fred of Chica Sexy and myself were in the mix somewhere. I didn't bother to find out our placings since I was preoccupied with getting a hosing after the race. Here are a couple of shots before the clean up.


Copperopolis - (c) Ken Conley
Photo by Ken Conley

The roads of the Nor-Cal Paris Roubaix are known for taking their toll on riders and equipment. I would argue that Leesville Gap Road Race rivals Copperopolis in poor road quality because of a gravel section leading into the main climb. However, the descent from the second climb at Copperopolis can only be described as similar to holding onto the chrome bar in front of your seat on a 30-year-old wooden rollercoaster as you drop some 4 stories into the coasters twisting and turning track.

Topsport Stage Race

Mike Gil rounding the turnaround during the Topsport Pro-1-2 road race. Mike finished 8th overall in the Cat 2 field after a high placing in the circuit race and taking the 20th spot overall in the time trial.

(Photo courtesy of Steve Woo)

Bariani Zamora Crash Sequence

I had the misfortune of being right in the center of the Cat 4 crash in the final meters of the Zamora Road Race Saturday. If you look close you can see a Godspeed kit rolling on the ground center right of the pack a few frames in. Not so fun to be in as we were going full tilt when the incident occurred but the photographer did a good job of capturing the wreck. Apparently the masters 4 race ended similarly a few minutes earlier. Click on the link below to view the frame-by-frame action.



Three top ten finishes at Madera

The possibility of rain did not stop some of the Cat 4 squad from going out to the Madera Stage Race this weekend. The weather turned out to be fantastic although gusty winds proved challenging Saturday during the individual time trial. Godspeed riders managed to come up with three combined top ten finishes in the crit and road races and a top ten in the GC. Godspeed also place 12th and 15th in the time trial for an impressive overall showing.

Jim Riley moves up to Cat 2

After a string of wins and top placings in the 3's Jim has moved up to join fellow 2’s Brandon Correia and Mike Gil. The trio represented Godspeed at the Merco Credit Union race weekend held March 6th and 7th.

The Merco Crit was by no means an easy race to serve as the introduction to the rigors of Pro, 1, 2 racing but all three Godspeed riders held their own and placed 9th(Brandon), 13th(Jim) and 14th(Mike) among the Cat 2 riders in the field.

Godspeed at the Merco Grand Prix Pro, 1, 2 race

Snelling Pro, 1, 2

Originally posted by Brandon:

These were the first real P,1,2 field of the season for me, since the
Valley of the Sun Stage Race had a separate cat 2 field.
Mike joined in on the fun at the Snelling RR on Saturday,
which started with 115 riders. Or shall I say the neutral roll out started
with that many. The actual race started with a 30 man pile up! 15 seconds
after the official droped the flag.

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